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Intro To Inversions

Learn the FUNdamentals

Course topics:

  • Wrist and shoulder preparation

  • What is balance?

  • Headstands, shapes and transitions

  • Low Handstands

  • Roadmap to the full Handstand


Begin your journey upside down


Intro To Inversions
Teacher Training Course

Teach the FUNdamentals

Course topics:
All of the Intro to Inversions course PLUS

  • Understanding the purpose behind the practice

  • What is balance?

  • How to help students through fear

  • Safety guidelines and how to spot

Basics of Balance

Accomplish the Free Handstand

​Course topics:

  • Controlling your weight

  • Free balancing the full handstand

  • Kick-up without fear

  • Try different shapes


Basics of Balance

Teacher Training Course

Teach the Free Handstand

Course topics:
All of the Basic of Balancing course PLUS

  • The series of micro-progressions for instant success

  • Diagnosing errors

  • Effective cueing

  • Safety guidelines and how to spot all shapes


Push and Press

Master the Press and Handstand Push-Up

Course includes:

  • Advanced body tension

  • Press to Handstand (straddle and pike)

  • Handstand Pushup (from head, to full depth)


Certified Handstand Instructor Program

Become the ultimate Professional

Course includes:

  • All the Teacher Training Courses

  • Teaching Sessions supervised by Head Tutors

  • Job opportunities with the Academy and Studio 23

The Tutors

cyrus_khan@national_jam_17  (1).jpg

Cyrus Khan

  • Instagram

Head Tutor

With more than a decade of experience practicing and teaching parkour, Cyrus has been on the handstand train for a while. One of the founders of the Movement Academy, he has been teaching handstands physically and online for the last 5 years. 


Manmohan Varma

  • Instagram


Starting his journey with more than 7 years of competitive gymnastics and 10 years of parkour, Manmohan is now one of the first ADAPT Certified Parkour Coaches in the country and a faculty at the Mumbai Movement Academy

Begin your journey upside down 

Explore the world from a different perspective with our signature inversion courses.
Whether you are a veteran on your hands or you are excited to start down this path, there are courses here for you. The material has been tried and tested on hundreds of people both in person and online, and refined every step of the way.
These courses demand effort and practice, but if you have the desire and consistency, it is achievable for everyone. 

The courses are crafted with love by our one of the founders of the Movement Academy Cyrus Khan. They are jointly produced and delivered in association with Studio 23, another proud patron of inversion training in Mumbai.

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