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The Unlimited Package

For the crazy ones

There are those for whom just one class or discipline is not enough. They seek the breadth of mastery that comes with working on all the varied aspects of their practice. This is the offering for those ones, who dedicated real time in their present their future forever.
This package grants you unlimited access to all the downstairs classes. That means, come for as many classes as you want, as many times as you want. Here are a few of the classes you may sample from.

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Teachers: Rishi Prasad and Cyrus Khan

Originating from military commando training, Parkour teaches you how to conquer your fears and learn skills to move through any environment through all obstacles.

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Teachers: Avinash Kumar and Cyrus Khan

For all those who are willing to commit themselves for self development in terms of strength building, movement, mobility, flexibility, bulletproofing joints and much more are provided in the space around the time.

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Teachers: Deepak Mali

Fulfill your dream of flips and twists. Here at the Academy, our experienced coaches guide you through safe progressions on our safety apparatus and take your airborne!

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Teacher: Krishna Mehta

Learn 4 different style in 4 weeks from So You Think You Can Dance fame - Krishna Mehta. Jazz funk to Bollywood, get your dance technique and enjoy learning new choreographies every week.


The Trainee 


You would like to experience a new approach to understanding your body and mind. 

This plan entitles you to the Unlimited Membership for 1 month

The Pupil


You are ready to take a serious approach to your own self-improvement.

This plan entitles you to the Unlimited Membership for 3 months

The Disciple


You know how to make the true commitments needed to change your movement (and your life). 

This plan entitles you to the Unlimited Membership for 12 months

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