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Inversions Course

Level 2

Basics of Balance

Accomplish the Free Handstand

This course will help you fulfill your dream of balancing a free handstand away from the wall. Not only will you have a very impressive ability to show off, but the strength and confidence developed through the practice will also grant you the freedom to explore the rest of the inverted world.

Topics covered in this course :

  • Strengthening the wrists, and learning to use them as a mechanism of control

  • Developing overhead pushing strength for supporting and controlling the full weight of the body

  • Learning about the process of active balance, and how to correct falls in all directions

  • Mastering the kick-up to balance in the middle of the room without fear


At the end of the course, you should gain/improve  :

  • A thorough understanding of the preparation required for inversion

  • The free handstand - a simple but powerful experience of being comfortable upside down
    Bonus: Tuck, Straddle, Straight, and many other variations

  • Various Entries and Exits into the handstand, (different types 

  • A roadmap for the strength training required to progress to more advanced inverted skills

Pre - requisites:   

Intro to Inversions (Level 1) course completion

Demonstration of the Level 1 skills (headstand, low handstand, wall assisted handstand hold) via video submission


~6 hours, over 2 days (3 hours per day)

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