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Inversions Course
Teacher Training

Level 1

Intro To Inversions

Teach the FUNdamentals

This course is designed to help you start your journey as a teacher of inversions.  Learn how to guide people into this beautiful practice with a safe and exciting approach. Learn to unlock the joy of freedom in your students and yourself.

Topics covered in this course :

All of the topics of the Intro to Inversions student course:

  • Preparing the wrists, usually the weakest link in the chain

  • Preparing the shoulder complex for supporting and controlling the full weight of the body

  • Learning the structure of the body and how it supports hand balances

  • Understanding what balance really is and how to gain it


At the end of the course, you should gain/improve  :

All of the topics of the Intro to Inversions student course:

  • A thorough understanding of the preparation required for inversion

  • The headstand - a simple but powerful experience of being comfortable upside down
    Bonus: Tuck, Straddle, Straight, and many other variations

  • The low handstand (crow pose / bakasana) - the first step to controlling yourself using only your hands
    Bonus: Low position, high position, straight arm, lifted leg, and many other variations

  • A roadmap for the strength training required to progress to the full handstand

Pre - requisites:   

None. As long you can lift your arms above your head without pain, you can attend this one.


~5 hours, over 2 days (2.5 hours per day)

Additional Teacher Specific Insights

Topics covered in this course :

  • Understanding why we should practice inversion

  • How to attract and retain students to the art

  • How to safely spot all the different positions that your students enter


At the end of the course, you should gain/improve  :

  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively to guarantee student understanding

  • How to master the art of micro-progressions and ensure your students are permanently succeeding

  • The confidence to teach people of any ability and introduce them to the practice


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