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Do you want to be an elite

 Handstand Teacher?

The Handstand Instructor Certification is a mentorship program that guides you every step of the way from start to professional and beyond. Learning starts with all the pedagogical background of the discipline, giving trainees live coaching experience with real students, and rewards successful graduates with unique teaching job opportunities.

This great opportunity does not come easy though, as candidates will have to pass all the following criteria to achieve their certification. 

- Coursework

- Supervised Teaching Sessions

- Demonstration of Skills

Each of the steps is outlined below


Complete Coursework

Our Level 1 (Intro to Inversion) and Level 2 (Basics of Balancing) Courses cover all the technical details about the handstand, including

  • Full body physical preparation

  • What is balance? How do we find it?

  • Overcoming fear and finding focus

  • Shapes, Transitions, Entries and Exits

The Teacher Track in those courses also covers the pedagogical details of guiding students to their own discovery of balance, along with

  • Diagnosing and correcting common mistakes

  • Troubleshooting student issues

  • Clear and efficient cueing

  • Safe spotting techniques for all situations

Supervised Sessions

The crux of the program is the Supervised Teaching Sessions, where candidates will be assessed on the their live teaching abilities. Each session includes feedback and homework, and all sessions must be passed with Tutor satisfaction for the candidate to achieve completion.


Demonstration of Skills

If you can't do it, you shouldn't be teaching it. 

All candidates will require a 30s freestanding handstand to be eligible to pass. 

No excuses. 

If you're ready to level up your practice and teaching, and join our amazing community of coaches, fill in this form with your details and a message and we can talk.

See you on the flip side.



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Begin your upside down journey with us

Explore the world from a different perspective with our signature inversion courses.
Whether you are a veteran on your hands or you are excited to start down this path, there are courses here for you. The material has been tried and tested on hundreds of people both in person and online, and refined every step of the way.
These courses demand effort and practice, but if you have the desire and consistency, it is achievable for everyone. 

The courses are crafted with love by our one of the founders of the Movement Academy Cyrus Khan. They are jointly produced and delivered in association with Studio 23, another proud patron of inversion training in Mumbai.

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